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How would it be if we were in control of our own identities?

In this webinar recording, broadcast in 2019, international identity guru John Craddock takes a look into the future as he discusses the proposals and open standards for decentralized identity (DID).

It was the second of two webinars from John Craddock

To get the most from this DID webinar recording, you will need to have an understanding of Blockchain - and, if you missed John's Ultimate Guide to Blockchain webinar, you can watch it on demand  here.

About this webinar recording

How many identities do you have for accessing work and social resources? You'll have identities for Office 365, Amazon, Gmail, your corporate network, Facebook, Twitter and more! Who controls those identities? Not you! In today’s world, we are forced to entrust multiple organizations that hold our identity; in many cases, secured by only a username and password.

What if YOU were in sole control of your identity and not relying on multiple organizations protecting it for you?

In this webinar recording John explains how multiple organizations are already working with proposals and open standards for decentralized identity (DID).

This is a technical session which will show how underlying technologies are used to implement Decentralized Identity (DID). Discover the future of identity systems! 

As with all John’s sessions, there is no waffle, just great, in-depth technical explanations!
Please note that during the live broadcast, there was a minute's loss of audio at 23 minutes in. To aid understanding, John has blogged the commentary to those slides here