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Now you can trust FIDO too

It’s long been recognized that passwords are the weakest link in authentication ecosystems; however in many cases they are the only way to authenticate a user.

FIDO2 changes that with the implementation of internet scalable protocols that will allow users to authenticate using passwordless strong authentication to websites and services.

How FIDO2 works

In this webinar recording trusted identity guru John Craddock cuts through the jargon with simple, clear and techie explanations of FIDO2, why the world needs it, and why you need to know about it. You’ll discover:

  • - Why your passwords are vulnerable
  • - How FIDO2 will protect your systems and lead to a more secure future
  • - The inner workings of FIDO2

Suitable for system administrators, security and identity architects, and anyone who needs to understand how FIDO2 works. Just fill in the form on the left.

John’s 5-star-rated Microsoft Identity Masterclass is now available via Zoom! See upcoming dates in US Eastern and Central European Time.