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Download the MIMigrator now

The MIMigrator is a MIM migration tool which:

- Saves time and frustration when rolling out changes

- Brings consistency to the roll-out process, and avoids some dangerous pitfalls

Microsoft provides some PowerShell scripts for migrating Service/Portal configuration, but these have limited functionality, and it is too easy to make mistakes that lead to simple failure, or to the wrong data being migrated. Our MIMigrator tool solves this.

The trial tool will run with reduced functionality – it won’t let you export- until you pay for a license, cost £5000 / $7750 / €6750.

Licensing is per MIM implementation, but applies to all instances. So for example, you might have development, test and production environments – that’s one license. If you manage another production implementation at another customer or site – that’s another license. Once you have assessed that the tool does what you need, or you have more questions, please email us or call us to buy a license.