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In this video Identity Management expert Hugh Simpson-Wells (Founder and CEO of OCT) and Data Science expert Rafal Lukawiecki (Founder of Project Botticelli) discuss how machine learning could be used for IT security purposes. An IT system can monitor itself by looking for unusual behaviour, including implementing a live anomaly detection solution based on a machine-learned, cluster model of normal behaviour.

Hugh and Rafal discuss:

- New tools for anomaly detection and threat prediction
- The challenge of false positives
- The security arms race and adversarial machine learning - how improvements in machine learning benefit the bad guys as well as the good guys
- The abuse of our privacy and our data by organizations
- The role that governments play
- The expense of making systems both secure and convenient
- Potential social consequences as we move from imperfect passwords and passports to (inevitably) also imperfect machine learning based systems
- Who would benefit from learning about such areas, and where to start

Watch the video now!