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Many organizations who have invested in Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) are now considering more cloud-focused alternatives.

There are many tools that can add functionality to MIM, support migration away from MIM, or even replace MIM altogether. One of these is SoftwareIDM’s HyperSync Panel.

In this webinar  Hugh Simpson-Wells, OCT’s Founder and CEO, examined SoftwareIDM’s Identity Panel Suite, and in particular HyperSync Panel – cloud-based, Microsoft-friendly tools that can augment MIM now and perhaps, eventually, replace it altogether.

Hugh explores how:

  • - Some MIM workloads can be migrated to Azure AD – for example: group management, group self-service and self-service password reset
  • - Other workloads can be migrated to Identity Panel Suite – for example: unique attribute value generation, reporting and email notifications
  • - HyperSync Panel can meet all synchronization requirements, supporting legacy on-premises and well as modern cloud systems
  • - Identity Panel Suite can support and enhance Azure AD, and facilitate the journey to the cloud
  • - Identity Panel Suite and the HyperSync Panel can co-exist with MIM, enhancing it and facilitating eventual, and gradual, replacement of MIM

This webinar recording is for: IT professionals from large organizations for whom MIM is still an important part of the infrastructure, and are wondering what might be the options for after MIM. View it now!