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How are you testing your identity management implementation?

IDM systems have some special characteristics when it comes to testing, and can certainly benefit from automation.

In this webinar, Hugh Simpson-Wells spoke about testing, the particular requirements for Identity Management testing, and SoftwareIDM’s Test Panel.  Watch now to hear Hugh discussing:

  • Any system should be properly tested before initial roll-out and after modifications

  • As Identity Management Systems have become more complex, so has their testing - testing which relies on a combination of manual actions and scripts, is laborious and lacks the required rigour, repeatability, and efficiency

  • Test Panel is a generic, automated testing tool for identity management systems that
    • Automates testing, facilitating rapid repeatable testing
    • Provides a single interface through which to manage testing configuration, operation, and reporting
    • Can be used to test IAM implementations based on any technology, such as MIM, SailPoint, Saviynt, OKTA as well as HyperSync Panel

  • Test Panel can
    • Provide visibility and a detailed record of testing that can be made available to all personnel involved
    • Rapidly and effectively detect issues
    • Improve the quality of the delivered system
    • Lower the risk of accidentally granting wrongful access
    • Reduce time spent in user acceptance testing
    • Help you conform to quality and regulatory standards
    • Reduce implementation costs

Who Should Watch?

IT managers and professionals – but also business owners who are responsible for the proper functioning of IDM within their organization.

It is pitched at a not too technical level but email us if you would like to drill down into more detail.