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MIM and Azure AD Connect are as important as ever as cloud enablers.

There are some organizations that are pure cloud; and there are some that are still purely on-premises. But most of our customers are hybrid organizations with a requirement to synchronize their on-premises authoritative sources of data (HR systems, Active Directory etc.) with their cloud-based Azure AD data. And – make no mistake – MIM and Azure AD Connect are the state of the art.

Drawing on our experience in the classroom and in the field, our CEO Hugh Simpson-Wells describes useful topologies (and some not so useful ones so you can avoid them), and address questions such as:

-  Many organizations are installing MIM for the first time as part of their cloud strategy. Why?

-  Having one on-premises synchronization engine may be regarded as misfortune; having two looks like carelessness! Why do I still need MIM and Azure AD Connect?

-  Does AD FS still have a place alongside Azure AD Connect?

-  When will I be able to turn off MIM? When will I be able to turn off Azure AD Connect?

Hugh presents a rapid, practical run down of how and why, pluses and minuses, and dos and don’ts.

View the webinar recording now.