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We have 3 courses that you can study online, self-paced

MIM Foundation | MIM Advanced | Azure AD Connect Masterclass

"The modules were logically built up making more and more sense. Doing the course online at my own pace worked perfectly for me."

Course modules are split into lessons as MP4 presentations, and often include a lab demo for you to watch before you try it yourself. Choose which lesson do, or which demo you want to view. Pause, rewind and fast forward as often as you like!

"Brilliant from beginning to end. The videos were highly informative, I genuinely enjoyed learning from the tutor in these videos."

"The high standard of tuition in the videos made the experience very enjoyable. Normally I would prefer to be taught in a classroom but on this occasion self-paced really worked. I was able to take more time and revisit areas I didn’t fully grasp first time around. "

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