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All our MIM, Microsoft Entra ID, Microsoft Entra Connect & PAM courses are available as private training courses

  • ⇒ We can train IT teams anywhere in the world – our instructor can come to you or train your team via Teams

    ⇒ Private courses can be tailored to your needs

⇒ Your team can discuss issues and details specific to your organization's infrastructure and environment with our expert instructor

⇒ Learning together is great for team building, especially if your IT staff are geographically dispersed

  • ⇒ If you have 5 or more team members to train, the cost per student is less than for a public course

See guide prices.

Feedback about private training is consistently excellent and 97% of recent students recommend it.

"We opted for the private course because not only was it cheaper, it allowed us to take the time and ask environment specific questions about MIM and our unique installation. Let's just say we got more than our money's worth!"

"Doing a private course allowed us to share our reasoning and our thoughts on architecture, innovation, procedures, policies, and best practices as they relate to our needs."

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Or contact us directly by email or phone us: Americas:  +1 425-577-6542, or Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific:  +44 (0) 1865 521200

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