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Wherever you are in the world, our expert instructors can train your IT team on-site or remotely via Teams

Private training has many benefits:

  • ⇒ Our expert instructors – who have lots of real-world experience – can discuss issues and details specific to your organization's infrastructure and environment

⇒ Learning together builds the skills and confidence of your IT team

⇒ Private courses can be tailored to your needs

  • ⇒ It's excellent for team-building, particularly if your staff are geographically dispersed

⇒ We can train IT teams anywhere in the world – either on-site or remotely via Teams

97% of recent private course participants say they would recommend their training

All our MIM and Azure AD courses are available as private training courses, and feedback from students is consistently excellent.

"We opted for the private course because not only was it cheaper, it allowed us to take the time and ask environment specific questions about MIM and our unique installation. Let's just say we got more than our money's worth!"

"The private class made it possible to identify one or more approaches for solving the challenges and problems that we have observed in our organization’s MIM deployment."

"Doing a private course allowed us to share our reasoning and our thoughts on architecture, innovation, procedures, policies, and best practices as they relate to our needs."

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